Important to know

Why the Platform was created

The idea of creating the Platform was submitted jointly by the Project of the International Women's Movement "For Family Values" and the Commissioner for Volunteering at the Office of the President of Ukraine, and implemented by a team of Ukrainian IT specialists from the International Cyber Security Association

The platform provides informational, psychological and legal assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war. Both those who stayed in Ukraine and those who have been forced to go abroad.

We invite you to join the help!

If you are a qualified lawyer or psychologist and can find time to provide specialized assistance to people who need it - we invite you to join the project. It is important that the project is voluntary, so the help is provided free of charge.

If you have the opportunity and time for such work - fill out a short form. You need to indicate your name, specialty, valid electronic form, indicate the time frame during the day when you can be contacted and briefly describe in which field you have experience and ability to work within the Platform.

Become a project participant

Become a project participant

You can help the project by joining the Platform as a specialist in psychology or law. We are looking for psychologists, psychotherapists, mediators and lawyers.

What to do?

Provide psychological or legal assistance to citizens affected by the war or displaced persons, both within Ukraine and abroad. Help is provided remotely through one of the Internet channels that suits you best. Assistance is provided on a volunteer basis. You choose your work schedule as a volunteer. To do this, specify 2-3 hours a day that you can devote to care.
If you are ready to join, fill out the short form below and we will contact you to coordinate your work.